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Children's Entertainer in Southend, Essex

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Prittlewell, Westcliff-on-Sea, Southchurch Village, Thorpe Bay, Shoeburyness

Also including Barling, Churchend, Courtsend (Foulness Island) Great Wakering, Little Wakering, North Shoebury and Eastwoodbury

Postcode areas SS0, SS1, SS2, SS3

Magician and childrens entertainer in Southend, EssexHaving a children's birthday party in sunny Southend? Below are a list of prices. Full details of the different party options can be found here.

Party Option 1 1 hour Magic Show and Balloon Modelling £120
Party Option 2 2 hours* Games, Magic Show, Balloons, Music and Prizes £185
Party Option 3 2 hours* Games, Magic Show, Music and Prizes £185
Party Option 4 1½ hours Games, Magic Show, Balloons, Music and Prizes £170
Party Option 5 45 mins Magic show (Monday to Friday only) £95
Pirate Party 2 hours* Captain Quicksilver Pirate Party £185

*These options include a break after the first hour

Halls for Hire in Southend

Balmoral Community Centre, SS0

Balmoral Community Centre Westcliff on Sea

Address: Salisbury Avenue, Westcliff on Sea, Essex, SS0 7AU

Telephone: 01702 351030



Crowstone Church, Westcliff, SS0

Address: Crowstone Road, Westcliff, Southend, Essex, SS0 8LH

Telephone: 01702 352668



Earls Hall Baptist Church

Address: 120 Hobleythick Lane, Westcliff, Essex, SS0 0RJ

Telephone: 01702 355278



St Cedd's (Bridgwater Drive Church) Westcliff, SS0

St Cedd's Westcliff

Address: 122 Mendip Crescent, Westcliff, Essex, SS0 0HN

Telephone: 01702 525126



St Peter's Westcilff, SS0

St Peter's Eastbourne Grove

Address: Eastbourne Grove, Westcliff, Essex SS0 0QF

Telephone: 01702 300402



St Saviour's SS0

St Savious Westcliff

Address: Kings Road, Westcliff, Essex, SS0 8LL

Telephone: 01702 342920



Westborough School, SS0

Address: MacDonald Avenue, Westcliff on Sea, Essex, SS0 9BS

Telephone: 01702 349249



Westcliff Free Church, SS0

Westcliff Free Church

Address: 635 London Road, Westcliff, Essex, SS0 9PE

Telephone: 01702 331205



Ambleside Social Club, SS1

Ambleside Social Club Southend

Address: Ambleside Drive, Southend, Essex, SS1 2UP

Telephone: 01702 465173




Belle Vue Church, Southchurch, SS1

Bellevue Church Hall Southchurch

Address: Bellevue Avenue, Southend, Essex, SS1 2QZ

Telephone: 01702 611929



Christchurch Centre, SS1

Christchurch Centre, Southend

Address: 56 Colbert Avenue, Southend, Essex, SS1 3BP

Telephone: 01702 588468



The Kursaal

The Kursaal Southend

Address: The Kursaal, Eastern Esplanade, Southend, Essex, SS1 2WW

Telephone: 0843 2908926



St Augustine's Church Hall, SS1

St Augustine's Church Hall, Thorpe Bay

Address: Johnstone Road, Thorpe Bay, Southend, Essex, SS1 3HX

Telephone: 07837 103144



Sacred Heart Church Hall SS1

Sacred Heart Southchurch Road

Address: 418 Southchurch Hall, Southend, Essex, SS1 2QB

Telephone: 01702 465720



St Marks Church Hall, SS1

St Marks Anglican Church Southend

Address: Princes Street, Southend, Essex, SS1 1QA

Telephone: 01702 342687



NB: There are parking restrictions around this church and as a whole parking can be problematic.


Ferndale Baptist Church, SS2

Ferndale Baptist Church Southend

Address: North Avenue, Southend, Essex, SS2 5HU

Telephone: 01702 469126



Holy Trinity Church Hall Southchurch, SS2

Holy Trinity Church Southchurch

Address: Southchurch Boulevard, Southchurch, Southend on Sea, Essex, SS2 4XA

Telephone:  01702 305884 (Hall) 01702 597596 (Church)



St Edmunds Church Hall, SS2

St Edmunds Church Hall Southend

Address: St Edmunds Close, Southend, Essex, SS2 4AS

Telephone: 01702 460823



St Laurence Church Hall, SS2

St Laurence Church Hall SS2

Address: St Laurence Church Hall, Eastwoodbury Lane, Southend, SS2 6UH

Telephone: 01702 529627



Cornerstone United Reform Church Hall, SS2

Cornerstone Church Hall Southend

Address: Bournemouth Park Road, Southend, Essex, SS2 5JL

Telephone: 07863 208914 (Derek Goodyear)



Southend Estuary Scout HQ*, SS2

Southend Estuary Scout HQ

Address: 191 Eastern Avenue, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS2 4BU


*NB: This hall is only available to people within the Scouting community.


St Andrew's Church Hall, Shoeburyness, SS3

St Andrews Church Hall Shoeburyness

Address: Church Road, Shoeburyness, Southend on Sea, Essex,  SS3 9EU

Telephone: 01702 299065



St George's Church Hall, Shoeburyness, SS3

St Georges Church Hall Shoebury

Address: 96 Ness Road/St Andrews Road, Shoeburyness, Essex, SS3 9DH

Telephone: 01702 292726




St Peter's Church Hall, South Shoebury, SS3

St Peters Church Hall Hinguar Street South Shoebury

Address: Hinguar Street, Shoeburyness, Essex, SS3 9AN

Telephone: 01702 292750



St Mary's Church Hall, Shoeburyness, SS3

St Marys Church Hall, Shoeburyness

Address: North Shoebury Road, Shoeburyness, Essex, SS3 8UL

Telephone: 01702 584053



Shoebury Baptist Church, SS3

Shoebury Baptist Church

Shoebury Baptist Church, Essex

Address: 90 Thorpedene Gardens, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS3 9JD

Telephone: 01702 292620



Barling Parish Hall, SS3

Barling Parish Hall

Address: 432 Little Wakering Road, Barling Magna, Essex, SS3 0LN

Telephone: 01702 217427



Great Wakering Community Centre (The Old School), SS3

Great Wakering Community Centre

Address: The Old School, High Street, Great Wakering, SS3 0HX

Telephone: 01702 535208


The Centre (formerly Great Wakering Sports Centre), SS3

Great Wakering Sports Centre

Address: High Street, Great Wakering, Southend, Essex, SS3 0HX

Telephone: Not currently open

Website: Not currently open


Cupids Country Club Great Wakering, SS3

Cupids Country Club

Address: Cupids Chase, Great Wakering, Essex, SS3 3AX

Telephone: 01702 219069



Great Wakering Primary School Hall, SS3

Great Wakering Primary School

Address: High Street, Great Wakering, Southend, Essex, SS3 0EJ

Telephone: 01702 219435



Great Wakering Memorial Hall

Great Wakering Memorial Hall

Address: High Street, Great Wakering, Southend, Essex, SS3 0EF

Telephone: No details

Website: No details


Whittingham Methodist Church, SS2

Whittingham Methodist Church Southend

Address: Whittingham Avenue, Southend, Essex, SS2 4WA

Telephone: 01702 603229




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